Top 10 Life Hacks for ALS According to Lynne

CAUTION:  The following post was written by my wife Lynne and is NOT intended for folks with no sense of humor.  Please do not continue reading if you are easily offended by potty talk or the ability to make light of ALS.  For the rest of you….(drum roll please), here is the “Top 10 Life Hacks for ALS According to Lynne”!

#10-  Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove- for “massage” and to increase circulation – be careful- remove batteries when traveling- it’s a bit embarrassing when TSA finds them vibrating in your carry-on!


#9- Brookstone Bed Wedges- cheap alternative to adjustable bed

Bed Wedges

#8-  Control 4 – imagine your husband without the ability to use the remote control!  It also has the ability to control lights, temperature and other things from your computer.

Control 4

#7-  Roho Seat Cushions- Now, I’m the only pain in Augie’s ass!

Roho Seat Cushions

#6-  Nutri-Bullet- great for grinding up Augie’s favorite food group- ice cream. **Note- eating by mouth when you have a trache is not advised, but I have given up!  I’m going to be really pissed if Augie dies by ice cream.


#5-  Botox injections in salivary glands to control excess salvia- caregiver may get any leftovers


#4-  ‘Nuedexta’ for emotionality- some people with ALS struggle with emotions that are out of their “norm”- when this was in clinical trials, I called it “my favorite little blue pill”- it’s now FDA approved!


#3-  Toto Toilet Seat Bidet- allows for more independence longer. Even our son-in-law, who is able bodied loves his!

Toto Toilet Seat Bidet

#2-  Little John Urinal-  reduced the amount of time that I spent in Men’s Rooms

Little John Urinal

#1-  Wine for the Caregiver, along with a healthy dose of a sense of humor


Okay, I realize that a lot of this revolves around bathroom humor, but that is reality of our experience. For someone who comes from a family that doesn’t have any bodily functions, this was a huge adjustment for me. For Augie, whose family celebrates every bodily function, not so much!

**velcro, zip ties, duct tape and imagination help a lot too!


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