Augie’s “Top Ten” Inspirational Blogs about ALS

Now that I have become a “blogger” I would like to acknowledge some of the blogs that have inspired me from people fighting the same fight I am. We, pALS, are all in this fight together and I am sure I am not the only one who has found inspirations from other members of the ALS community.

  1. Jose Cofino:“Jose graciously accepted the Courage Award last year at our Tradition of Hope Gala.  Never have we had a more dynamic PALS speak to our crowd…not a dry eye in the room but left all 400 some guests with a feeling of hope and a sense of urgency to help.  A teaser to his documentary can be found on his blog….if you haven’t watched it, I suggest you do!”
  2. Kevin Swan: shows us everyday that ALS doesn’t define who you are. It’s just part of your life story.  We’re so grateful he shares his Life Story, and those of other amazing pALS.
    Kevin Swan
  3. Sarah Coglianese:  “While Everyone in the ALS community was putzing around all year trying to figure out how to make Ice Bucket Challenge 2.0 “work” this beautiful mom created a new and fresh campaign to raise awareness for ALS”
    Sarah Coglianese and family Oct 2014
  4. Andrea Lytle Peet: Andrea was diagnosed in May of 2014 a month after completing a 70.3 triathlon. After diagnosis, Andrea completed her 10th triathlon and will continue to trike alongside her husband, David, for as long as possible. She now advocates and is one of the “Young Faces of ALS” for Lytle Peet
  5. Stephen Finger: Stephen Finger is not only an economics professor but most importantly an incredible dad and husband.  After he was diagnosed with ALS in 2013, he started a blog chronicling his family’s journey living with the disease and his writings have appeared in the Huffington Post. He was awarded the 2014 Stephen Milne Adventurous Spirit Award by the ALS Therapy Development Institute and is an ardent supporter of their work. He also serves on the Board of Advisors for the Every90Minutes Foundation. – See more at:
    Stephen Finger and family
  6. Beth Hebron: After being diagnosed at 26 and having to leave her 80/hour a week paralegal job in Washington DC, Beth decided to put all of her energy in her Bet on Beth Campaign, raising awareness for ALS Therapy Development Institute’s Precision Medicine Program, traveling, and checking things off of her bucket list!
    Beth Hebron
  7. Collin Hadley: A loving husband and father and avid sports fan, Collin received his diagnosis last OctoberHe may have been dealt the biggest curve ball of his life, but he will not go down without swinging.
  8. Jay Smith: ”This blog is the one you want to read if you want to learn about a kick-ass dad and husband who has ALS and a real way with words.  Jay is a gift to the ALS community and his blog should be read by people far and wide whether they have ALS or not….his honesty about living with ALS will teach us all a thing or two about remembering what is really important in life”
    Jay Smith and family
  9. Bobby Forster:“25 Year old Bobby Forster might just be the sweetest soul in the ALS community.  After being diagnosed, he married his fiancé and then rode a whole day in the Tri- state Trek for ALS TDI Originally hailing from Beverly, MA, Bobby has lived all over the country. He is an avid cyclist, sailor, surfer, and adventurer.
    Bobby Forster engagement
  10. Steve and Hope Dezember: Steve was diagnosed in 2011. Now he and his wife, Hope want to spread awareness and most importantly HOPE for all those diagnosed with this horrible condition. Hope always says “Life is a gift and every single day needs to be special.” The couple lives through these words and makes everyday more special than the last.

    Steve and Hope Dezember

2 comments on “Augie’s “Top Ten” Inspirational Blogs about ALS

  1. Dagmar says:

    Thank you for sharing this list of inspirational PALS – – may we all continue to motivate each other – – both now, and when a cure is found!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Janis NORMOYLE says:

    Thank you so much for this information on these inspirational people and their messages

    Liked by 1 person

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